Tips to Make Recycling Easy-San Diego County

August 22, 2020

Tips to Make Recycling Easy-San Diego County

Most people want to do the right thing when it comes to recycling, but confusing messages make it difficult to remember the basics," I Love A Clean San Diego, said. "The recycling system throughout San Diego County only works if everyone does their part to keep the right materials in the blue bin and the wrong ones out.

The county wants to make sure residents know how to recycle as well as what to recycle.
San Diego County along with I Love A Clean San Diego are offering some tips and resources to make recycling easy.

Recycling Right means your items are:

Empty. No or very little food residue remaining.

Dry. No liquids remaining. Liquids can ruin paper, cardboard and other materials in the recycle bin, making them unrecyclable.

Loose. Do not bag your recyclables; place them loose in the recycling bin.

The county says that recycling right cuts down on contamination. Contamination is anything that doesn’t belong in the blue recycle bin such as plastic bags, batteries, clothing, cords, hoses, electronics, food, liquids, napkins and paper towels, straws, plastic utensils and more. Many of those items may be recyclable, but not in the blue bins.


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