Uno de 50 "Spirit" Long Silver Onk Necklace W/ Turquoise



Long chain with circular beads holding a cross with a turquoise Murano glass in the center. Handmade in Spain with traditional techniques. Adjustable carabiner clasp. The Protected collection is full of symbolism. Ancestral objects become amulets to bring luck or are a protection against negativity. Jewelry that you will want to wear wherever you go.

100% handcrafted and made in Madrid, Spain.

Care: Store the piece in its original bag or in a closed box, in order to protect it from air, direct light or humidity. Avoid, as far as possible, any contact with perfumes or other cosmetic products. SILVER PLATED PIECES: Clean with a soft cloth or with a non-abrasive silver cleaner.
Ships in 24 hours.

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